The Zero Waste Voyage week 1 

After a month of preparation in London: immunisations, camping gear list, kitesurfing gear, medicine kit, home-made cosmetics, plane tickets, accomodation, insurance … We finally made it to Brazil.

The plane ride itself was quite eventful. First we were told there wasn’t enough room for our surf bag when there was. Then in Germany, after running through the airport with my kiteboarding harness aroud my waste and my helmet dangling a flight representative asked to weigh my carry-on (just mine of course and no-one else’s !). She said it was 3 kg over the limit and I had to pay 75 € to check the bag or else I wasn’t allowed on the plane. I looked at her in disgust and said I’d wear the clothes in the bag. She said that wasn’t an option so I frantically pulled stuff out: hammock around my neck, shorts over my leggings, dresses, t-shirts… all piled up on top of each other.  I made it on the plane feeling extremely hot and silly !

We got off the plane in Fortaleza, looked everywhere for a working cash machine, found the main bus station, missed our bus, bought a ticket for the 7pm bus and made it on a coach heading down the coast. After a 2,5 hour journey we got dropped off on the side of the road in the dark with a surf bag, 2 carry-ons and our little backpacks. We walked towards a cafe and I used a combination of Spanish and arm signs to borrow someone’s phone to call the manager of our hotel for a ride.

We’ve been staying in a cute little hotel 10 minutes away from the kitesurfing spot in Parajuru, a fishing village in North-East Brazil. Our days consist of surfing, walking to the market for groceries, preparing food, putting sunscreen on (yes this takes a while because we must make sure to cover every square inch of skin!), getting our gear together, pumping the kite & getting the lines out and kitesurfing of course !

So far the wind has been pretty good, the locals are extremely friendly and the sun shines all day long 🌞

What in the world is the ‘ZERO WASTE VOYAGE’? !!! 

As any of you know I started Plastic Tides with 2 friends from Cornell —a non-profit that combines adventure and science to  address ocean plastic pollution via Stand Up Paddleboard expeditions.

Durig the ‘zero waste voyage’ (gap year with my brother) I seek to focus on the ‘solutions’ aspect of the plastic problem and to help bring eco-friendliness into the water-sports industry. We will be surfing & kitesurfing and showcasing that it’s possible to keep single-use plastics to a minimum via my blog, video series and social media. These will include recipes for DIY after-sun, toothpaste, sunscreen, sewing tips, healthy food recipes, gear reviews, tips on finding food in bulk… We will be traveling to Brazil, Peru, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and returning to the UK mid-may to ‘hitchhike sail’ around Europe.

Since I studied sustainable agriculture at Cornell and tropical forests (agroforestry) at Oxford, along the way, we will also carry out beach clean-ups, school visits, permaculture workshops and visit eco-communities & agroforestry farms to plant trees to help offset our carbon footprint as we are well aware of the terrible impact of flying around the world (you can read my stance on this issue here).

Instagram: @Zero_Waste_Voyage

the locals let us hang out in the shade on their boat for a few minutes
Nicolas coming back from a dry kitesurfing session … not so much wind !
MSR camping kitchenware with EcoLunchbox spork
post-kitesurf #plasticFree lunch . Sandwich ‘cling film’ DIY bees wax wrap to keep my sandwich crunchy
We are gear heads ! 1 surfboard, 2 twintips, 3 kites, all our camping gear , repair kits …
board preparation
Showcasing organic, EQ Evoa SPF sunstick: the most long-lasting natural sunscreen we’ve found

Our hotel set up : not bad for 10€ a night with a delicious breakfast included !
Brazilian lunch with a French twist : the opinel knife
showcasing my favourite spork from ECOLunchbox

Up next: Lightweight travel. What cosmetics to bring on a voyage around the world ?

I’ll take you through our list of #ZeroWaste bathroom essentials

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