Spices of Sri Lanka 

We’ve arrived in Sri Lanka – a tropical paradise 🏝. There are great waves, beautiful beaches, awesome fruit trees and delicious S P I C Y food ! 🌶 In fact, Sri Lanka is known for its high quality spices, including clove, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, curry leaves and much more !

We’re in Midigama, located on the Southern tip of the island. We’re staying in a hostel overlooking the ocean and the vegetation reminds me of Hawai’i : coconuts, Pandanus palms, Thespesia spp., kamani, bengal almond, lantana, frangipani flowers, breadfruit … and more breadfruit !

Breadfruit foraging !


After spending 2 months in Brazil and 2 months in Peru it’s interesting to observe the plastic consumption in another developing country. So far, it’s been worst in Brazil, pretty bad in Peru and not too bad in Sri Lanka ! Sure, we get offered plastic bags at the market, we see coconuts served with straws and we see trash getting burnt but the Sri Lankans have some thrifty plastic-free packaging. 🌴

There are many vegetable markets along the road where I’ve been able to bring my tote bag and fill it up with  veggies 🍍🌽🍆

Here are a few things that have caught my eye so far

Sundried fish – carbon neutral way to store food

The people of Sri Lanka love to hang their fruit on display (not many pre-packaged items)

Pottery seems to be a common craft

This curd (plain yogurt) is one of the coolest things I’ve seen. It comes in a clay pot with a paper and rubber band on top for 170 rupees (just over a dollar!). They store it outside and it stays good for ~ 5 days. It’s delicious and really helps temper spicy food!

The calabash tree and its giant gourds are used to make bowls and instruments

I’ve discovered Ayurvedic herbal toothpaste with cloves, cardamom, mint and other botanical goodness !


4 thoughts on “Spices of Sri Lanka 

  1. Hi Celine,

    Don’t forget to check out the TEA!

    Sri Lanka is famous for it, especially the whole leaf type grown in the lower elevations.

    Also, investigate what they do with coconut palms-coir fiber, activated charcoal, milk and meat. Nothing wasted.

    If you want to visit a tea garden let me know.

    Love to you both,




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