DIY Bees Wax ‘Cling Film’ 

For a plastic-free lunch. 

You’re in the mountains so you need a packed-lunch. A sandwich is easiest to make and you want to wrap it up in something lightweight. Your lunchbox is a little bulky and excessively heavy. What do you wrap it in ? Cling Film ? Foil ? NO ! Here is a better option: a bees wax wrap — water-resistant & zero-waste !

Many people have asked me how to make them, so I’m sharing my recipe below

Chamonix, France . Ski touring Spring 2015 

I hiked up 1000 vertical metres in altitude with skins under my skis (aka ski touring/randonée) . It’s time for lunch ! 

So I pull out my sexy pink ‘bees wax wrap’ that kept my bread in good shape and my veggies nice and crunchy 

Bees wax wraps are awesome to bring along on a variety of expeditions. 

Above: Lencois Marences National Park, Brazil . In search of secret lagoons in the desert …

If you don’t have time to make these yourself you can buy them online. Here is a link to get them at Thrive Market USA for 25% off ! (Thrive Market is like Whole foods X Cosco Online ) 

Another great eco- friendly online shop is Life Without Plastic (US only ) 

Or if you like Amazon, you can get them there (UK/US) . Yes they are pricey ! Check to see what sizes you want 


✺ Beeswax block (or pellets). Since beeswax has a variety of applications ( used to make creams, ointments, lip balm…) I suggest you buy 1lb, although you only need 0.5 oz of wax per wrap . You can buy it here as a block (US/UK) or as pellets (UK/US). 

If you are in the UK, my favourite brand is Neal’s Yard Remedies. 

✺ Metal cheese grater 

✺ 100% cotton fabric- old shirts are perfectly good ! Cut into desired size 

✺ Old metal cookie tray (that will be used for this purpose only) OR silicone baking sheet (preferred). You can buy silicone sheets online (UK/US)

✺ Paintbrush (use a new brush, medium size that will only be used for making bees wraps)

✺ A clothesline & pegs 

✺ Newspaper

Note: Check your local thrift store for these items first ! 


Set up some newspaper on your work space 


⚘ If you want to reuse your metal cheese grater for cooking then you can place it in the oven for about 30 seconds to one minute until the wax drips down onto your cooking sheet. Take it out and use a scrap piece of fabric to whipe it down . I used the same technique to clean my cookie tray / silicone sheet

Only wash your bees wax wrap with cold water and mild, organic soap otherwise the wax will melt off ! 

⚘ Hang your bees wax wraps up to dry 

⚘ Don’t use the bees wax wrap for salmon or tuna sandwiches or else the smell will linger. For those— I use upcycled paper bags or my metal lunchbox 


⚘ If you have excess wax on your tray just put a new piece of fabric on there to soak up the wax 

⚘ Wraps will last a few months depending on useage, then you’ll notice the wax start to disappear 

⚘ You can sew on a button and some pretty string onto your wrap once it’s made (see image below)

Make different sizes for different items. Bees wraps are awesome to store bread, half cut avocados, lemons, cheese … They aren’t so good for covering bowls unless you use a rubber band:

Bees wax wraps are best used to wrap up sandwiches and half-consumed fruits or veggies 

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