zero waste body care line

Why I’ve been silent … the launch of ANATO !

zero waste body care line
ANATO skincare

I’ve been silent for a while now, and that’s because I’ve been working very hard on my latest venture: ANATO — Regenerative Body Care for people wanting pure, socially responsible products whilst reducing their plastic footprint. Anato is a Plastic Free, Zero Waste, Perennial skincare line made with edible tree crops — perfect for the modern adventurer.

This social enterprise start-up is a way for me to educate people at scale about sustainable (regenerative) agriculture an solutions to plastic pollution.

Over the last year I’ve been developing recipes, sourcing organic, socially responsible perennial crops and coming up with the most eco-friendly packaging option out there. I started working on this full time in July 2017, and my website went live exactly one year later, July 2018. I spent last July and August working on the business plan with professors from Cornell University in Ithaca, and then my College boyfriend Christian and I moved across the country to Santa Cruz, CA. I spent nine months working out of our small 1 bedroom apartment until I moved into a studio space so that I could ramp up production alongside the launch of the online store.

ANATO Skincare Plastic Free Body Care , Zero Waste Skincare, perennial skincare , regenerative body care
Celine Jennison, Founder and Chief Alchemist at ANATO

The line is 100% handmade with the highest quality ingredients I can source, that come from sustainable farming systems.

So, without further due, I invite you to check out our website for plastic free skincare ANATO — Body Care and Tools for the Zero Waste Voyager !

After months of R & D, endless conversations with my Plastic Tides partners and permaculture friends I truly believe that I’ve created the most eco-friendly body care line yet. One that goes beyond sustainable and into a regenerative business model. One that  is based on ecological principles: closed loop and circular.

Zero Waste Body Care Line
Zero Waste, Regenerative Body Care ~ Perennial Skincare


Solid Shampoo
Solid Shampoo : A great way to reduce your plastic footprint


zero waste , plastic free body care line
A kit for lightweight adventure



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