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Céline Jennison French/American, born and raised in London. Tree-hugger, Seaweed enthusiast, Permaculture preacher, Yogi, Windsurfer, Skier, Outdoor Educator, plant scientist. 


My two greatest passions are ethnobotany and agroforestry (perennial edible landscapes). My obsession with plants is truly engrained within me; after developing an immune deficiency by the age of ten, my mother’s friend Jeanne-Lyse, an herbalist concocted a tincture that, with consistent use, restored my balance within a year.  This enlightened me to plants’ medicinal potential and began my investigation into the utilitarian power of plants in general.

My undergraduate experiences at Cornell University have lead me to believe that permaculture: a design system that reaches beyond sustainability, designing to replenish and regenerate life, restore and enhance ecological health by creating new stores of energy and productivity after providing for basic needs and maintenance of systems has a lot to offer in terms of helping us to achieve a sustainable future on this planet . Unfortunately, it is not widespread and accepted in developed countries because of lack of scientific proof. My frustration with this issue is such that I need to be at the forefront of its scientific research.

I graduated from an MPhil in Environmental Change and Management at University of Oxford in 2016, where I focused on terrestrial ecosystems to gain a better understanding of one horticultural aspect of permaculture; agroforestry . You can refer to my Research page to learn more about my work in academia.

While I love terrestrial flora, as a life-long water sports enthusiast, I also developed a passion for seascapes and started investigating aquatic flora: seaweed for its many benefits both to the environment and to humans. Now, I devote much of my spare time to the non-profit I co-founded: Plastic Tides. We combine adventure and science to address Ocean Plastic Pollution via Stand Up Paddle board expeditions. This organisation’s mission to provide hands-on solutions and allows me to encourage people to cook and grow their own food, as a way of limiting single-use plastics that comprise 50% of ocean plastic.

Alongside my studies, I’ve tried to spend as much time in the great outdoors as possible. My summers as a student were spent teaching windsurfing and catamaran sailing as a certified instructor. I  have taught in  Brittany, Corsica and the North of France. In the Winter, I enjoy mountaineering in the Alps with my family.


Follow this blog to hear about my adventures and misadventures in the field, for  information about permaculture and agroforestry,  for inspiration about plastic-free living,  for stories about Plastic Tides expeditions, for recipes from the Perennial Kitchen and DIY cosmetics & medicine, for gear reviews & tips for traveling lightweight, or simply to enjoy some photos !

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A few group projects I cherish :

In 2014, I co-founded a non-profit: Plastic Tides– combining adventure and science to address ocean plastic pollution via stand-up paddle board expeditions

Plastic Tides Expedition 1- Bermuda



At Cornell, a fellow student and I designed and built a garden for one of the cafeterias which I won the ‘Cornell Sustainable Campus’ award for.

Trillium Permaculture Garden



Sustainable Neighborhoods Nicaragua is a project I worked on as a ‘garden designer’ in Nagarote.


The team !



Experience Nature is a project I helped a friend with:  “we aim to engage people in science learning through meaningful experiences with the natural world that lead to conservation attitudes and protecting the planet.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 20.47.31
Testing out google glass to “best leverage technology for connecting kids and communities to science and the natural world” (experience nature.org)


 outdoor activity gallery



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