Beyond the Inca trail 

Our parents and little brother came to join my brother Nicolas and I on our gap year for Christmas to explore the fascinating Incan heritage.  As we rode our mountain bikes down the Sacred Valley, meandering down single tracks we stoped to check out one of the Inca’s engineering wonders- the Moray. These circular terraces are thought to be an agricultural laboratory for plant breeding.  … Continue reading Beyond the Inca trail 

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Preface to The Zero Waste Voyage 

Check out my new website The ‘Zero Waste’ Lifestyle is all about limiting trash, and in particular single-use plastic. This holds true for a wide array of things we consume in our every day lives— food in our kitchens, products in our bathrooms, clothes in our wardrobe, office supplies at work … Unless we were to become hunter-gatherers living in tree houses with boar skin … Continue reading Preface to The Zero Waste Voyage 

Microplastic Found in one of Hawai’i ‘s most remote streams.

As co-founder of Plastic Tides, last January while in Hawai’i doing my Masters thesis fieldwork I took the opportunity to adventure off on an expedition in search of plastic pollution in one of the most remote waterways of the planet.  My Plastic Tides partner Christian and I hiked into Waimanu Valley with an inflatable Stand Up Paddle board to sample the stream for microplastics. Our scientific partners at … Continue reading Microplastic Found in one of Hawai’i ‘s most remote streams.

Plastic Tides Youth internship

As part of Plastic Tides’ efforts to educate children, Christian Shaw (project leader)  developed a Stand Up Paddle (SUP) board summer program for children to experience our some of our undertakings. (You can see the internship flier here) From July 24th – 31st, Christian and I introduced four girls to exploration, environmentalism and plastic pollution science We both passed the Wilderness and Remote First Aid course and … Continue reading Plastic Tides Youth internship

Plastic Tides In Bermuda

YOu can find out more about this expedition by following our mini-episodes here Plastic Tides in the News:  Cornell Sustainable campus: A kickstarter campaign to stem plastic pollution and Cayuga Lake SUP CUp presents: The Canal Today in Bermuda: Plastic Tides Team Returns to Bermuda Cornell Daily Sun: Erie Canal, A plastic-free campus SUP the Mag: video Stand UP Journal: PLastic Tides: protecting our waterways through Stand UP … Continue reading Plastic Tides In Bermuda