Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

Plastic Tides is on the Lush Charity pot lids this week! Lush has been very generous in helping us build community awareness about plastic pollution in Ithaca, Hawaii and Bermuda. We like this brand because they have eliminated single-use plastics from their products, with a line of ‘naked’ cosmetics and upcycled containers. Their Charity pots are made from post-consumer plastic, and if you bring 10 … Continue reading Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

Plastic-free solutions, first steps

Living plastic-free seems daunting, perhaps even impossible: plastic is ubiquitous, it’s cheap and rather useful in fact ! handy Ziplock bags, my toothbrush, my phone case, Tupperwares… who wants to get rid of those? When I think back to the amount of plastic I saw on our Plastic Tides Expedition in Bermuda I’m always motivated to limit my plastic consumption as much as I can, and so … Continue reading Plastic-free solutions, first steps

Oaty Asparagus Focaccia from Céline’s Perennial Kitchen.

I’ve always liked ‘all in one meals’ – those with protein, veggies and carbs mixed all together that I can stick in a tupperware and bring to school. I decided it was time to make a veggie bread with a perennial twist so I experimented with this dough recipe and it turned out to be some sort of an Italian focaccia ! This recipe takes some … Continue reading Oaty Asparagus Focaccia from Céline’s Perennial Kitchen.

The Devil’s Isle Challenge with PLASTIC TIDES

Areal Photo credit: John Singleton Although I’m writing my thesis due in 2.5 months I’d planned to go to Bermuda to help my Plastic Tides partners out with the race they’d been planing for the last year – a 40 mile circumnavigation of the Island ! The event’s aim was to raise awareness about plastic pollution and raise money for a kids’ program: free year-round … Continue reading The Devil’s Isle Challenge with PLASTIC TIDES

“The Cornell mycelium effect: connecting via trees”

My Guest Blog Post at TENTREE:   “  An old fashioned postcard, a farm, and a new friendship. I graduated from Cornell University in Plant Science in 2014 and continued onto my Masters to study agroforestry and restoration at University of Oxford whilst running my Ithaca- based non-profit, plastic tides with fellow Cornell classmates. I’m now living on the Big Island of Hawaii for 6 months to undertake … Continue reading “The Cornell mycelium effect: connecting via trees”

Cheap, lean, sustainable meat from Hawaii to Europe

Last December while on the Big Island of Hawai’i I got the opportunity to do something rather special. Here is the story: At 8 am sharp my friend Ann called me from Puna, a district about 40 minutes away from the centre of town  –  one of the hippiest towns in the world. “I have a 200 pound boar in the cage, do you and … Continue reading Cheap, lean, sustainable meat from Hawaii to Europe

Microplastic Found in one of Hawai’i ‘s most remote streams.

As co-founder of Plastic Tides, last January while in Hawai’i doing my Masters thesis fieldwork I took the opportunity to adventure off on an expedition in search of plastic pollution in one of the most remote waterways of the planet.  My Plastic Tides partner Christian and I hiked into Waimanu Valley with an inflatable Stand Up Paddle board to sample the stream for microplastics. Our scientific partners at … Continue reading Microplastic Found in one of Hawai’i ‘s most remote streams.

Ski-touring: Gear Review & Photos

Ski Touring AKA Alpine Touring / Randonée skiing / AT backcountry skiing Like many other women that ski, mountaineer, backpack, rock-climb… I’m always frustrated with the lack of gear reviews available for us girls. So, I decided to write a blog post about this after having a bad experience with a pair of expensive ski touring boots . Although I’m going to say a few words on … Continue reading Ski-touring: Gear Review & Photos

From Céline’s Perennial Kitchen

Energy Balls Recipe – 1 cup of pitted dates – 1.5 cups of almonds or other nuts nuts (Mix and match: walnuts, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts…)  – 2 tablespoons of chia seeds – 2 tablespoons of seeds (sunflower, linseed, flax seed…)  -1/2 cup oats   –3 tablespoon of raw cacao powder Extra: 1 tablespoon of hemp protein powder (or other energizing powder: maca, lucuma, baobab…) For the … Continue reading From Céline’s Perennial Kitchen

Sustainability at University

I entered a survey for a chance to win 500£, I got carried away with the last question: Do you have any suggestions on what actions you would like to see your university / college take to improve its performance on sustainable development? Universities should require a mandatory undergraduate level: Outdoor ‘meet and greet course’ over a week-long backpacking expedition, one where young adults get … Continue reading Sustainability at University