Home-made low sugar granola in bulk

This recipe calls for many ingredients that can be bought in bulk, so check your local health food store before you buy pre-packaged nuts, oats, seeds and dried fruit ! INGREDIENTS  Makes about 5 packets worth of store-bought granola ! 9 cups rolled oats (not quick oats) 1/2 cup coconut oil 6.5 tbsp honey (OR 1/2 cup) 1/2 cup olive oil 1 cup hazelnuts (or … Continue reading Home-made low sugar granola in bulk

Patagonia’s Long Root Ale 

Perennial beer Patagonia Provisions’ Long Root Ale to breed cultures of sustainability. Our food culture defined by a convenient, cheap, high fat, high salt, high sugar, high meat diet is not a viable cultural paradigm as we are living beyond the world’s ‘Planetary Boundaries’ and threatened by climatic change. (Rockström et al., 2009). The food system, centred around annual staple crops from monoculture farming systems, … Continue reading Patagonia’s Long Root Ale 

Plastic-free solutions, first steps

Living plastic-free seems daunting, perhaps even impossible: plastic is ubiquitous, it’s cheap and rather useful in fact ! handy Ziplock bags, my toothbrush, my phone case, Tupperwares… who wants to get rid of those? When I think back to the amount of plastic I saw on our Plastic Tides Expedition in Bermuda I’m always motivated to limit my plastic consumption as much as I can, and so … Continue reading Plastic-free solutions, first steps

“The Cornell mycelium effect: connecting via trees”

My Guest Blog Post at TENTREE:   “  An old fashioned postcard, a farm, and a new friendship. I graduated from Cornell University in Plant Science in 2014 and continued onto my Masters to study agroforestry and restoration at University of Oxford whilst running my Ithaca- based non-profit, plastic tides with fellow Cornell classmates. I’m now living on the Big Island of Hawaii for 6 months to undertake … Continue reading “The Cornell mycelium effect: connecting via trees”

Cheap, lean, sustainable meat from Hawaii to Europe

Last December while on the Big Island of Hawai’i I got the opportunity to do something rather special. Here is the story: At 8 am sharp my friend Ann called me from Puna, a district about 40 minutes away from the centre of town  –  one of the hippiest towns in the world. “I have a 200 pound boar in the cage, do you and … Continue reading Cheap, lean, sustainable meat from Hawaii to Europe

Captain Pat, the ocean and the fish.

A few weeks ago I went to visit Captain Pat. Captain Pat lives in Kona on the other side of the island and kindly allowed me to stay the night in his cabin by the beach so I could make it to the Surfrider Foundation catamaran party on a Sunday morning. We talked about Hawaii, marine ecosystems, fishing, ocean degradation etc… Below are a few sound … Continue reading Captain Pat, the ocean and the fish.

Hawaii month 3!

Week-end  highlights.  One of the best week-ends yet was an invitation hike some of the prettiest waterfalls on the Big Island: Rainbow falls. We hiked along the lava rock, dropped our bags off and then meandered up the waterfalls, climbing, jumping in the water, climbing and jumping back into these beautiful pools . On the way back we got poured on, just like one would … Continue reading Hawaii month 3!

Garden design Ithaca

One of my jobs for the summer is helping a couple of Cornell University professors with their garden work. (above) The area in front of the wall looked nasty because the contractor who built the wall left it without re-seeding grass. The first question that came to my mind when the professors asked me to help them out was: Do you want an Edible Landscape instead?! … Continue reading Garden design Ithaca