Home-made low sugar granola in bulk

This recipe calls for many ingredients that can be bought in bulk, so check your local health food store before you buy pre-packaged nuts, oats, seeds and dried fruit ! INGREDIENTS  Makes about 5 packets worth of store-bought granola ! 9 cups rolled oats (not quick oats) 1/2 cup coconut oil 6.5 tbsp honey (OR 1/2 cup) 1/2 cup olive oil 1 cup hazelnuts (or … Continue reading Home-made low sugar granola in bulk

DIY Bees Wax ‘Cling Film’ 

For a plastic-free lunch.  You’re in the mountains so you need a packed-lunch. A sandwich is easiest to make and you want to wrap it up in something lightweight. Your lunchbox is a little bulky and excessively heavy. What do you wrap it in ? Cling Film ? Foil ? NO ! Here is a better option: a bees wax wrap — water-resistant & zero-waste … Continue reading DIY Bees Wax ‘Cling Film’ 

Spices of Sri Lanka 

We’ve arrived in Sri Lanka – a tropical paradise 🏝. There are great waves, beautiful beaches, awesome fruit trees and delicious S P I C Y food ! 🌶 In fact, Sri Lanka is known for its high quality spices, including clove, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, curry leaves and much more ! We’re in Midigama, located on the Southern tip of the island. We’re staying in … Continue reading Spices of Sri Lanka 

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Preface to The Zero Waste Voyage 

Check out my new website The ‘Zero Waste’ Lifestyle is all about limiting trash, and in particular single-use plastic. This holds true for a wide array of things we consume in our every day lives— food in our kitchens, products in our bathrooms, clothes in our wardrobe, office supplies at work … Unless we were to become hunter-gatherers living in tree houses with boar skin … Continue reading Preface to The Zero Waste Voyage 

Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

Plastic Tides is on the Lush Charity pot lids this week! Lush has been very generous in helping us build community awareness about plastic pollution in Ithaca, Hawaii and Bermuda. We like this brand because they have eliminated single-use plastics from their products, with a line of ‘naked’ cosmetics and upcycled containers. Their Charity pots are made from post-consumer plastic, and if you bring 10 … Continue reading Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility

Plastic-free solutions, first steps

Living plastic-free seems daunting, perhaps even impossible: plastic is ubiquitous, it’s cheap and rather useful in fact ! handy Ziplock bags, my toothbrush, my phone case, Tupperwares… who wants to get rid of those? When I think back to the amount of plastic I saw on our Plastic Tides Expedition in Bermuda I’m always motivated to limit my plastic consumption as much as I can, and so … Continue reading Plastic-free solutions, first steps