Hawaii month 2- Meditation voyage and other adventures

Starting october 1st, I joined about a hundred thousand people on a month-long mindfulness summit. Every day, for 31 days I have the opportunity to listen to outstanding speakers and be motivated to join others in a daily mindfulness routine. Check out my blog around October 31st to read about the highlights and my experiences. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hilo Bay from Coconut Island: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Bengal almond and … Continue reading Hawaii month 2- Meditation voyage and other adventures

Hawaii Month 2- Research Updates

Research is going well, I’ve finally started spending much more time in the field. At the moment, I’m interested in measuring the biomass content of the research site I am working on. This research site- ‘Liko Na Pilina’ is a hybrid restoration project whereby a group of scientists from the USDA Forest service, UH Hilo and Stanford University are creating a ‘model community’ to restore … Continue reading Hawaii Month 2- Research Updates

Hawaii Week 4!

The end of week four was a little frightening as I realised that I have already been here for a month. My research is moving along slowly and I still haven’t sent out my research proposal to my advisors for review. I’m working on the methodologies, and finding it extremely hard to explain how I am going to project the research site in the future … Continue reading Hawaii Week 4!

Big Island, Hawaii, Week One.

It’s been nearly a week since my arrival and I’ve done a great deal of things already. I’ve had time to settle in, discover my research site, get my new car in Waimea: up North of Hilo and do a few fun activities. My landlords, (more like my host family) are incredibly nice. They cooked me a wonderful chicken pumpkin dish on the first night after … Continue reading Big Island, Hawaii, Week One.

Flying Environmentalists ?

I think about MY AIR MILES on a regular basis. Growing up in London with an American father and a French mother, I started flying very young to visit both sides of my family (which I am very grateful for). My parents, outdoor enthusiasts, also treated my brothers and I to ski and sailing vacations in direction of the best snow and wind conditions. As … Continue reading Flying Environmentalists ?

My Research

In 2014, I graduated from Cornell University with a BSc in Plant Science and developed a passion for perennial edible landscapes because of their potential to resolve food insecurity. As our food systems are deeply intertwined with other systems in society, I enrolled in an MPhil in Environmental Change and Management at University of Oxford to better understand the ‘big picture’. I have completed the first year of my coursework and … Continue reading My Research

Plastic Tides Science- Trawl Design

Plastic Tides is actively involved in sampling microbeads in the water. On our first expedition in Bermuda, we used a trawl designed by the Plastic Ocean Project that is dragged behind a boat to sample the floating microbeads. As we used the trawl behind our man-powered paddle boards, we found it to be quite challenging. We now have a new design, using PVC pipes, net, rope, bolts and rods. … Continue reading Plastic Tides Science- Trawl Design